What is Workaway? – volunteer globally and explore the world

So, how can you benefit from being a workawayer? Immensely! Here are some of the advantages:

  1. Language learning: 🌍🗣️ Daily interactions in a foreign language with your host contribute to rapid development of participants’ language skills. But not only that! Through the platform you can find a language buddy and offer a language exchange. What a cool idea, isn’t it? More about it HERE.
  2. New skills: 🛠️📚 Volunteers have the opportunity to learn new skills through various tasks performed at their hosts.
  3. Budget-friendly travel: ✈️🌏 The program offers free accommodation and meals in exchange for work, which is a great option for travellers on a limited budget.
  4. Understanding local culture: 🌍🤝 Through daily interactions with locals, volunteers have the opportunity to better understand and appreciate the local culture and perspective.
  5. Building relationships: 🤗🌐 The program allows for building lasting friendships and relationships with people from different parts of the world.
  6. Community experience: 🌱🤝 Many projects take place in communities or ecological centers, allowing participants to learn community values and interact socially.
  7. Flexibility: 🕰️🛤️ Workaway offers flexibility in choosing locations and dates, allowing participants to tailor their experience to their preferences and schedule.
  8. Self-development: 🌱💪 Through challenges associated with living in a new environment and performing various tasks, participants can develop personally and professionally.
  9. Environmental protection: 🌿🌍 Some projects focus on sustainable development and environmental protection, allowing participants to contribute to positive changes on the Planet.
  10. Unique experiences: 🎉🌍 Working and living in unfamiliar places and participating in local customs and events can create unforgettable memories and life experiences.
  11. Self-discovery: 🧘‍♂️🔍 Living and working in a new environment gives participants the opportunity for self-reflection and better self-understanding.
  12. Stepping out of comfort zone: 🚀💼 Workaway requires participants to take on challenges and tasks, leading to personal development through overcoming their own limitations. My story is the best example!
  13. Career alternative: 💼🌍 For some participants, Workaway becomes a turning point in their career, allowing exploration of new fields of work and professional passions. My story is the best example!

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Explore my blog for more posts about Workaway HERE.


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