Discover how to travel on a budget and embark on thrilling adventures, regardless of your age. Learn how to overcome 7 common excuses that hold you back from traveling. Get your hands on the comprehensive “A Seasoned Traveler’s Guide” with active links, captivating photos, and 65 pages of valuable insights. Kindle format available upon request.


How to travel on a budget and set off for an adventure regardless your age

7 non-existent excuses that stop you from travelling and how to overcome them

A Seasoned Traveller’s Guide with active links and photos

And also:  

  • How to step out of your comfort zone and overcome your inner blockages – seven non-existent excuses that prevent you from travelling.

  • How to use the internet to independently organise a low-budget dream trip. Short or long-term.

  • An alternative to a travel agency, hotel, and beach lounging.

    Are you longing for unforgettable adventures but worried about your budget? Don’t let financial constraints hinder your wanderlust. Dive into the ultimate budget travel guide, “How to Travel on a Budget and Set Off for an Adventure Regardless of Your Age,” and unlock a world of affordable exploration.

    Within this comprehensive guide, you’ll discover effective strategies to conquer the 7 most common excuses that prevent people from travelling. Learn how to overcome financial limitations, time constraints, fear, and other barriers that hold you back from fulfilling your travel dreams.

    “A Seasoned Traveller’s Guide” offers invaluable insights, practical tips, and inspiring stories to empower you to embrace the joy of travel. With 65 pages of expert advice, captivating photographs, and active links, this guide is your passport to affordable and fulfilling journeys.

    Don’t worry if you prefer reading on your Kindle device; simply mention it after your purchase, and we’ll provide the Kindle format for your convenience.

    Set off on an incredible adventure, regardless of your age or budget. It’s time to explore the world on your terms.

A table of contents: 


  1. Excuse no. 1: I’m too old, which means you are as old as you feel 7
  2. Excuse no. 2: “I have no money” – methods to reduce expenses related to travelling 10
  3. Living and Working Abroad 10
  4. Work in return for food and accommodation – a favourable barter exchange 12
  5. Accommodation in return for ‘the sitting’ 20
  6. Free accommodation 23
  7. A quasi-private driver 31
  8. A free ride 32
  9. Charter flights 34
  10. Special offers 35

III. Excuse no. 3: “I don’t know the language, I won’t manage” or will you? 36

  1. Your people are everywhere: how to find services and contact those who speak your language abroad 36
  2. How to find a host that speaks your language 37
  3. Complimentary language ‘school’, which is worth trying 38
  4. Excuse no. 4: “I have no travel buddy, and I won’t go alone” – meaning there are hundreds of us 41
  5. EXCUSE no. 5: “I have no idea how to handle everything” – travelling know-how 45
  6. Social media groups, forums, and travel sites 45
  7. Travel festivals and events 45
  8. Travel blogs 46
  9. EXCUSE no. 6: “I have no time for travelling” – ideas for short-term getaways 47

A weekend break in the south-east of Poland 48

VII. Excuse no. 7: Six in one, meaning “I wouldn’t bother myself” 49

BONUS: Theory in practice – real-life travel stories 50

  1. Our people in Portugal, or how I became a model for a day 50
  2. Arianne. ‘Our Man’ in Indonesia 53
  3. Torre del Lago, an Italian hot spot in times of the “plague” 54
  4. In the middle of nowhere in Sicily or…every cloud has a silver lining 59
  5. Windfall, or how to spend €450 that ‘fell from the sky 61

65 pages along with photographs and active links.

This book is also available on Amazon for Kindle and as a Paperback (print-on-demand option) HERE

About the author:

Agata Palach, a teacher of English as a foreign language by profession, a woman of many walks of life, and a vagabond. For several years, mostly on the road, still looking for her place on earth. Currently living in the Canary Islands, Spain.

Author of the blog ‘Never Too Late’ about travelling, inspiring places, interesting people, and the English language.

She decided to make a radical change in her life when she was in her 40s, with a stable life and a job. She breaks conventions, showing that it is never too late for anything in life and that limitations are only in our heads. As she says about herself: “I am regularly on the move somewhere, and I keep discovering new places on Earth. I find the world too beautiful and complex and the people too interesting to stay in one place all my life. I focus on self-development and new experiences. Travelling is my passion, but I also have many others. Take a peek at the CATEGORIES on my blog www.nigdyzapozno.pl, you might find a topic close to your heart.

Facebook: Nigdy za późno  

Instagram: @Legrandbleu44



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